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Sales team takes to the slings

It’s not often you’ll find the Business Development team at The Yard Brisbane very far away from their phones. But on Monday last, that’s exactly what happened when Business Development Representative Dominic Francis swapped the phone for the Travelift and joined our Operations team for a day of work experience on the hardstand.

The Yard Brisbane believes that a team that understands each other’s roles and contributions to success in the shipyard, is a better, stronger team, armed with all the tools to better support our customers during their refit period. Therefore, team members from different divisions are actively encouraged to take a secondment into, or spend a day working with, other areas of the shipyard.

Team members are provided on-the-job training, safety education, tools and equipment and become an apprentice-for-a-day (or more) working under the guidance of skilled leaders from an area outside their usual field of expertise.

With support and training provided by our experienced straddle carrier operators, Dominic took his first drive of the Travelift, connected slings, lifted, pressure washed, and returned a vessel to water, working on different vessel types across the day.

“It was a good experience. I found it valuable, to better understand all aspects of a vessels needs once it arrives, and how that affects our customers,” Dominic said.

Dominic found the day so helpful; he plans to repeat it again soon. Perhaps you will see him helping haul out your vessel sometime in the future.


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the marine industry, talk to us today about a role for you. We are currently hiring across multiple areas of our growing team, with career advancement opportunities available for the right candidates.

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