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Sales team takes to the slings

It’s not often you’ll find the Business Development team at The Yard Brisbane very far away from their phones. But on Monday last, that’s exactly what happened when Business Development Representative Dominic Francis swapped the phone for the Travelift and joined our Operations team for a day of work experience on the hardstand.

The Yard Brisbane believes that a team that understands each other’s roles and contributions to success in the shipyard, is a better, stronger team, armed with all the tools to better support our customers during their refit period. Therefore, team members from different divisions are actively encouraged to take a secondment into, or spend a day working with, other areas of the shipyard.

Team members are provided on-the-job training, safety education, tools and equipment and become an apprentice-for-a-day (or more) working under the guidance of skilled leaders from an area outside their usual field of expertise.

With support and training provided by our experienced straddle carrier operators, Dominic took his first drive of the Travelift, connected slings, lifted, pressure washed, and returned a vessel to water, working on different vessel types across the day.

“It was a good experience. I found it valuable, to better understand all aspects of a vessels needs once it arrives, and how that affects our customers,” Dominic said.

Dominic found the day so helpful; he plans to repeat it again soon. Perhaps you will see him helping haul out your vessel sometime in the future.


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the marine industry, talk to us today about a role for you. We are currently hiring across multiple areas of our growing team, with career advancement opportunities available for the right candidates.

Currently available positions can be found on or Marine Jobs.

Our Team

The Yard Brisbane awarded “Commercial Marine Service Provider of the Year”

The Yard Brisbane has been awarded “Commercial Marine Service Provider of the Year” in the ASMEX Awards 2022.
Members of The Yard Brisbane team attended the Awards Gala last Wednesday evening and Operations Manager Mark Phelps accepted the award on behalf of the shipyard.
The award recognises the hard work, time, and excellent commercial marine service offering provided by the tenants and team members working at The Yard Brisbane and celebrates their collaborative efforts.
The Yard Brisbane want to especially recognise the contributions of GT Mac, Lumark, RL Marine and Harrap Marine Industries for their contributions to the tug docking program during this period.
This honour belongs to all the incredible tenants and team members at The Yard Brisbane.
Our Team

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With The Yard Brisbane


There’s a reason boat lovers, business owners, and government officials across the globe choose The Yard Brisbane for all their marine maintenance needs. It’s our team’s hearts, dedication, and pure fascination with marine life. There’s nothing we love more than taking on complex projects, challenging ourselves, and working together as a team to provide unparalleled customer service. 

When you meet an employee of The Yard Brisbane, you’ll see the passion and our sincere desire to help shine through. Boats aren’t just anything to us – they’re everything. Our team is committed to helping boat owners worldwide, whether their vessel is commercial, governmental, or recreational. 

The Yard Brisbane stands out from the competition in a number of ways – thanks to our resources, facilities, services, and of course, our team. 

Here are five reasons why you should work with The Yard Brisbane!

  1. There’s never a shortage of knowledgeable, dependable staff. Did you know we have 250 marine professionals on-site every day? The concept of being short-staffed is foreign at The Yard Brisbane. When you work with us, you’ll never encounter the frustrations of staff being absent, incompetent, or unreliable. Our employees show up every day ready to tackle the next project. Through our close-knit team dynamics and carefully cultivated culture, projects are completed with ease. We value fluid communication, and we know you do too. Throughout your servicing at The Yard Brisbane, we will communicate updates regarding your vessel and ensure there are no loose ends at the completion of your project. 
  2. We are refit and repair experts. We have the resources, facilities, and staff to solve all types of marine problems in the commercial, recreational, and super yacht marine sectors. Our refit halls are of a scale unmatched in the region: 4 x 10 ton overhead gantry cranes, under-crane clearance 24 meters high, and the ability to drive the 600-ton travel lift machine directly into the halls with vessels up to 65 meters long. This is one of the many valuable differences between The Yard Brisbane and our regional competitors. 
  3. Our attitude never wavers. There’s a reason customers keep returning to The Yard Brisbane – it’s our can-do attitude. No matter the scope of the project, our team works together to find answers to every boat question. Through years of experience in the marine industry, our team is confident in our ability to serve our customers no matter the issue.  
  4. We have unmatched facilities. The Yard Brisbane is an all-weather facility, strategically located in proximity to major infrastructure hubs, such as port, road, rail, and air facilities within the Australian TradeCoast Industrial Precinct. Our facilities consist of purpose-built sheds with private storage areas and offices, multiple workshops that cater to all aspects of ship refit and repair, blasting bays, several berths, and 24,000-square meter hardstand area.  
  5. We provide services for every vessel. Regardless of the complexity of your vessel, our team is able to perform any necessary servicing. We have experience with commercial, recreational, and government vessels of all types. Our services include vessel refit and repair, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, maintenance, project work assistance, as well as logistical solutions using our network of on-site and partner relationships. For those vessels needing a proper wash, we are proud to offer pressure-washing services to ensure your vessel is left sparkling clean. 

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