58th Annual Antigua Yacht Show

If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that our team loves attending industry events. Not only is it a great way to network and meet fellow marine-focused companies, we also have the opportunity to strengthen past and present relationships. Our team actively scouts global superyacht events to help grow our company and to provide resources for the event attendees. After all, boat owners need trusted marine technicians and facilities they can rely on. Our team highly values this face-to-face communication. Why? Because it fosters longer-lasting relationships, encourages trust, and therefore strengthens the mission of The Yard Brisbane. 

Recently we traveled to the West Indies to attend the 58th Annual Antigua Yacht Show. Over the course of the event, we enjoyed educating spectators on our services and facilities, connecting with colleagues, and of course, enjoying the stunning Caribbean waters. By traveling to these global events, we keep our skills sharp, harbor relationships, and stay in the loop of the latest industry trends and updates. The Antigua Yacht Show was especially crucial this year due to Australia’s latest bill

The Special Recreational Vessels Bill permits foreign and flagged superyachts to charter in Australian waters. Before the law was put into place, there were more limited area where foreign vessels could set sail and charter to. We were excited to share this update with superyacht owners at this year’s event, and to mention our convenient location near the Port of Brisbane. With heightened travel to the South Pacific region due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2021 America’s Cup in Auckland, more boat owners will be traveling to the Australasia area. The new bill makes it even easier for boat goers to stop in Australia without facing exorbitant fees or mountains of paperwork. Our team is looking forward to this change, and the opportunity to work with worldwide boaters.

This year’s event took place across four locations: Nelson’s Dockyard Marina, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Falmouth Harbour Marina, and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. There was about 90 world-class charter yachts, which attendees were given exclusive access to tour. The event attendees also were given the opportunity to meet the captains and crews of the charter vessels, who serve as key components of any luxury superyacht charter. 

The Antigua Yacht Show is a favorite of many, and for good reason: cocktail parties, dinners, social events, and an overall relaxed atmosphere. Over the six-day event, participants enjoyed the viewing portions of the show, as well as an emergency preparedness session, wine tastings, information hours covering a variety of topics, and finally, a chef’s competition! 

Our team left the Antigua Yacht Show feeling energized for the next superyacht show. With each event we travel to, we build upon our experience and expertise, grow relationships, and stay on top of trends and industry updates. By attending these events, we are strengthening The Yard Brisbane to ultimately better serve our customers and provide the utmost levels of care. We are looking forward to seeing what 2020 brings, and the years beyond. 

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5 Ways to Protect Your Boat From Salt Water Corrosion

There are few experiences in life better than sailing the clear ocean waters – breathing in the salty air, experiencing the vastness of the ocean, enjoying water sports, visiting shoreline towns, and of course, taking a dive into the refreshing waters. Owning a boat gives you immediate access to the open waters and provides a thrilling experience just about every time! Despite the many joys of being a boat owner, however, the one headache we all can agree on is saltwater corrosion. 


Saltwater corrosion is inevitable – it’s the one consequence of owning a saltwater vessel and something all boat owners must consider when caring for their vessel. Although you can’t fight mother nature, you can take steps to protect your vessel against corrosion and prevent the damaging effects of saltwater. 


  1. Give your boat a thorough wash down after each trip. Keeping your boat clean and free from saltwater is the most crucial part of this process. You’ll need to remove all traces of saltwater in order to protect your vessel from corrosion. Begin by thoroughly rinsing your vessel with fresh water, and be sure to pay special attention to metal components, as they are the most susceptible to saltwater corrosion. Second, you’ll need to scrub your vessel, from bow to stern, with soap and water. We recommend a bristled brush to ensure you’re removing all traces of salt. Follow this by another wash down, ensuring all soap is washed away. If you use a boat trailer, you should also wash your trailer thoroughly to ensure it’s free from saltwater too.

  2. Flush your engine. One of the easiest yet most overlooked steps to protect against saltwater corrosion is flushing your engine with fresh water. You’ll want to do this every time your boat leaves the ocean. This action removes saltwater from the engine and prevents harmful salt deposits from contributing to corrosion.

  3. Apply grease to moving parts. Provide generous coats of grease on all sides of exposed metal parts – even the smallest parts need a coating. Not only will this lubrication help keep things moving, but it also protects your vessel against corrosion and rust. You’ll want to apply a marine grease to moving metal parts like latches, hinges, linkages, bow rollers, and the like. Essentially, anything metal should be given a hefty coat of grease. Double-check with your engine owner’s manual to ensure you aren’t missing any metal parts that need lubrication.

  4. Use salt-friendly paint. To keep your boat looking fresh and new, you’ll want to make sure you’re using an appropriate paint. When you own a saltwater vessel, though, you can’t use any old paint on your hull. You’ll have to take the time to find a salt-friendly, anti-fouling paint. This paint acts as a barrier between the saltwater and hull, and prevents weakening and corrosion of metal. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that no paint is invincible against saltwater. You’ll still need to regularly wash down and scrub your vessel after trips in saltwater.

  5. Survey your vessel. Following voyages, get in the habit of surveying your vessel after you’ve thoroughly washed and scrubbed it. Are there any blemishes? Any rust, corroded parts, blisters, or bubbling paint? Pay close attention to problem areas and don’t let them grow any larger – you’ll want to take care of these issues as soon as possible. Take your boat to a specialist and have these spots fixed to prevent further corrosion.

The Yard Brisbane is your one-stop shop when it comes to marine life. Our team provides pressure-washing to help boat owners fight against saltwater corrosion. Interested in learning more? View our services.

Our Team

5 Reasons Why You Should Work With The Yard Brisbane


There’s a reason boat lovers, business owners, and government officials across the globe choose The Yard Brisbane for all their marine maintenance needs. It’s our team’s hearts, dedication, and pure fascination with marine life. There’s nothing we love more than taking on complex projects, challenging ourselves, and working together as a team to provide unparalleled customer service. 

When you meet an employee of The Yard Brisbane, you’ll see the passion and our sincere desire to help shine through. Boats aren’t just anything to us – they’re everything. Our team is committed to helping boat owners worldwide, whether their vessel is commercial, governmental, or recreational. 

The Yard Brisbane stands out from the competition in a number of ways – thanks to our resources, facilities, services, and of course, our team. 

Here are five reasons why you should work with The Yard Brisbane!

  1. There’s never a shortage of knowledgeable, dependable staff. Did you know we have 250 marine professionals on-site every day? The concept of being short-staffed is foreign at The Yard Brisbane. When you work with us, you’ll never encounter the frustrations of staff being absent, incompetent, or unreliable. Our employees show up every day ready to tackle the next project. Through our close-knit team dynamics and carefully cultivated culture, projects are completed with ease. We value fluid communication, and we know you do too. Throughout your servicing at The Yard Brisbane, we will communicate updates regarding your vessel and ensure there are no loose ends at the completion of your project. 
  2. We are refit and repair experts. We have the resources, facilities, and staff to solve all types of marine problems in the commercial, recreational, and super yacht marine sectors. Our refit halls are of a scale unmatched in the region: 4 x 10 ton overhead gantry cranes, under-crane clearance 24 meters high, and the ability to drive the 600-ton travel lift machine directly into the halls with vessels up to 65 meters long. This is one of the many valuable differences between The Yard Brisbane and our regional competitors. 
  3. Our attitude never wavers. There’s a reason customers keep returning to The Yard Brisbane – it’s our can-do attitude. No matter the scope of the project, our team works together to find answers to every boat question. Through years of experience in the marine industry, our team is confident in our ability to serve our customers no matter the issue.  
  4. We have unmatched facilities. The Yard Brisbane is an all-weather facility, strategically located in proximity to major infrastructure hubs, such as port, road, rail, and air facilities within the Australian TradeCoast Industrial Precinct. Our facilities consist of purpose-built sheds with private storage areas and offices, multiple workshops that cater to all aspects of ship refit and repair, blasting bays, several berths, and 24,000-square meter hardstand area.  
  5. We provide services for every vessel. Regardless of the complexity of your vessel, our team is able to perform any necessary servicing. We have experience with commercial, recreational, and government vessels of all types. Our services include vessel refit and repair, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly, maintenance, project work assistance, as well as logistical solutions using our network of on-site and partner relationships. For those vessels needing a proper wash, we are proud to offer pressure-washing services to ensure your vessel is left sparkling clean. 

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