All persons conducting work on site must watch this induction and complete the form below prior to starting. All safety and environmental requirements for work must be understood and met.

STEP 1: Click the video below to start your induction.
Site Access Agreement

JMD Park Pty Ltd ACN 160 743 877 T/A ‘The Yard Brisbane’
Of 50 Barku Court HEMMANT QLD 4174
ACN 160 743 877) (JMD)


The Recipient, at the request of the Company (if applicable) named in Schedule 1, seeks access to the site known as The Yard Brisbane located at 50 Barku Court, Hemmant, Queensland (the Site), for the Permitted Use and Duration stated In Schedule 2 below.

JMD manages the Site and hereby agrees to allow the Recipient to access the Site on the terms and conditions set out below.

Terms & Conditions

By signing or accepting this agreement digitally, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. The Recipient warrants that they have undertaken and understood JMD’s Site induction and will at all times comply with JMD’s requirements, as explained during the Site induction, for access to and use of the Site.

  2. The Recipient warrants that they will, at all times when at the Site, comply with all health, safety and environmental obligations applicable to their use and access of the Site and the Permitted Use (whether as required by JMD at any time or otherwise arising out the Recipient’s use and access of the Site or the Permitted Use).

  3. The Recipient will immediately report to JMD any problems they experience in complying with their obligations to JMD under this document.

  4. JMD will issue the Recipient with an electronic pass to access the site (Access Pass/FOB) for the Permitted Use.  The Recipient acknowledges that the Access Pass/FOB is the property of JMD; is not to be tampered with, and; must be returned to JMD at the end of the Duration or at any other time as required by JMD.

  5. The Access Pass/FOB is to be kept and used only by the Recipient to access the Site for the Permitted Use.  The Recipient must not permit or allow any other person to handle, possess or use the Access Pass/FOB.

  6. In the event the Access Pass/FOB is damaged, lost or stolen, the Recipient must notify JMD immediately on (07) 3348 5600.  A $50.00 (Access pass) or $100 (FOB) replacement fee will apply.

  7. If the Recipient intentionally permits or allows another person to use the Access Pass/FOB without authorization from JMD, JMD may immediately terminate the Recipient’s right to access the Site.

  8. The Recipient hereby indemnifies JMD and will keep JMD indemnified for any cost, loss, damage or expense (including damages for negligence, consequential loss and legal costs calculated as between solicitor and own client) suffered or incurred by JMD arising out of or in connection with

    • any breach of this document by the Recipient;

    • any other act, omission or default by the Recipient.

  9. The Recipient’s indemnity of JMD in this document is also given for the benefit of and extends to JMD’s directors, officers, employees, agents and Associated Entities (as ‘associated entity’ is defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

  10. By clicking the box below the recipient agrees to all terms and conditions imposed by JMD regarding access to and use of the Site and accepts responsibility for any access passes or Personal Identification Numbers (Pins) provided by JMD. The Recipient agrees to not duplicate, copy, transfer or loan the pass or provide a PIN to any other individual or entity.

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