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From work boats and commercial vessels to recreational and luxury superyachts, TYB is equipped to service a broad range of vessel refit and vessel repair requirements. We have you covered!


Are you looking for a vessel refit on your recreational boat? The Yard Brisbane can service recreational vessels, whether it’s a simple pressure wash, coat of paint, cosmetic updates, or more technical procedures like refitting or engine repairs. No matter how big or small your vessel may be, our facilities are capable of servicing a wide range of vessels. With multiple refit sheds up to 90 m in length and 30 onsite marine tenants, The Yard Brisbane is among the leading shipyards and marinas in southeastern Australia.


The Yard Brisbane proudly services some of the world’s finest superyachts. Our team is able to perform a wide range of vessel repair services, including blasting, aluminium and stainless fabrication, marine hydraulics, and much more. Our private facilities include 24-hour access, two high clearance refit halls, large lift capacity, and over 250 onsite marine craftspeople. Our services remains unrivalled through our ability to accommodate surveys, repairs, refits, engineering, construction, and turnkey solutions to the superyacht market.

Government ​

Did you know we have a dedicated internal staff with extensive government vessel experience? This enables us to efficiently liaise on the vessels’ behalf, and ensure the vessel is properly serviced. Our 600T straddle carrier allows us to lift heavy vessels out of the water, while our deep water berthing accommodates a wide range of government vessels. For government vessels needing servicing, we have 40 project sheds that are 90 m x 25 m x 25, complemented with 4×10T overhead gantry canes.


The Yard Brisbane has a wealth of experience repairing and refitting commercial fishing boats. With marine engineers, electricians, riggers, painters, joiners, shipwrights, and apprentices who work on-site, we are one of the few shipyards on the east coast of Australia able to provide comprehensive, end-to-end services. We are certified to build, repair, and refit of vessels made of wood, aluminium, composites, and steel.

Tug Boats

At The Yard Brisbane, we have the dedicated facilities, specialist teams, and tradesman for the professional lifting, storage, refitting, repairing, and refurbishment of tug boats. Our 600T straddle carrier and deep water berthing enables us to safely lift the vessels before moving into one of our 40 project sheds, where our teams and contractors can seamless pick up the project and conduct the relevant work. We are proud to offer our customers and vessels end-to-end services in the one efficient facility.


The Yard Brisbane has worked collaboratively with commercial partners Svitzer, SMIT, Bhagwan Marine, Sealink, Stradbroke Flyer, Port of Brisbane, and numerous commercial ventures. From assisting our clients to complete surveys and repairs, to emergency dockings, we provide a wide array of commercial vessel services. Our well-equipped facility is supported by an extensive network of onsite marine trades. This enables us to service both ends of the commercial market that include trawlers, tugs, passenger ferries, research vessels, and defence vessels.