Final tackle on new Edition

When transforming a recreational catamaran to a trans-ocean sports fishing vessel, bespoke solutions and ingenuity are key to success. This has been the focus of The Yard Brisbane’s Projects team as they near completion of a six-month customisation on 20m MEC Yachts catamaran, Final Edition.

Under the guidance of The Yard Brisbane Projects Division Manager, Murray Owen, the team has engaged many creative solutions to re-shape the vessel to meet the vision of her owner.

For Murray, as the original boatbuilder, seeing the vessel in its next iteration is a true joy.

“To work with the new owner for the conversion to a luxury charter game fishing vessel has brought our team great satisfaction. It is a pleasure to continue to provide support and expertise to new owners over the course of a vessel’s lifetime.”

To support Final Edition’s conversion to NSCV commercial survey, customisations include a hull extension, deck extension paving way for a game fishing platform, custom tackle station, upgrades to the hull shell including stiffening, and engineering and electrical upgrades for survey.

On board you’ll discover the bespoke tackle station, hidden behind a door on the half-deck, which showcases the creativity and ingenuity of The Yard Brisbane’s fit out and joinery team, led by their Projects Fit Out Supervisor, Damien Thomas.

“The customer gave us a brief for what he wanted in the tackle station. The priority was the WOW factor.

“We spent time researching components to integrate into the final design, which has helped us deliver a product the customer is very pleased with,” said Damien.

Following initial research, the fit-out team built a prototype for the customer out of MDF before proceeding to create the final pieces in teak.

The finished tackle station holds four Shimano Tiagra 130A Reels, four rods and butts and two Plano tackle trays, and is powered by a caravan wall-motor and mechanism, with all interior elements designed in crown-cut teak finished to a high gloss.

The team encountered several challenges when conceiving the tackle station, including elements of the design itself, method of powering the slide-out function and seamlessly integrating the completed station into the existing catamaran interior.

“When designing to the owner’s specification, it’s necessary to think outside the box,” he said.

Creative solutions were particularly important for the tackle station’s motor and door.

After researching multiple solutions, the team chose parts usually found in caravans to power the slide-out feature.

“We needed a maintenance friendly power solution that would provide functionality as well as easy access to spare parts. The in-wall slide-out assembly met the brief and could support the tackle station’s weight,” said Damien.

To integrate the tackle-station’s door seamlessly with the existing wall finishings, The Yard Brisbane’s fit out team used original plans to match the doors on either side of the hidden tackle station. The tackle station door was fitted into a blank section of wall and recessed into a space which had originally been home to the half-deck shower cubicle.

Additionally, a maintenance door was built from inside the adjacent toilet cubicle to enable access to electronics and the motor powering the tackle station for repairs and upkeep.

The final touches on the tackle station are being added this week including LED strip lighting on the interiors.

Adding to the WOW factor on the vessel is the new high gloss teak dash and coordinating overhead radio console in the wheelhouse. The new teak finishings are complemented by new electronics, two new leather helm chairs and vinyl flooring, and telescopic legs have been added to the wheelhouse and saloon tables to allow for conversion into extra beds.

Sea trials on Final Edition have commenced, and the team is speedily bringing the vessel into ship shape ready for hand over.

Stay tuned for more updates Final Edition’s conversion journey, and the completed unveiling!

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