Boat maintenance

Increased efficiency with the SPMT

A notable addition to the lifting and vessel manoeuvring capabilities at The Yard Brisbane is the Italian Boat Lift Self Propelled Motorised Trolley (SPMT). It was added to the arsenal mid 2021.

In addition to the full-service shipyard’s three marine travelifts, the SPMT increases efficiencies for the shipyard. The SPMT gives the operations team better opportunity to create greater separation between commercial vessels and white boats.

The Boat Lift SPMT has several features that make it a great addition to the shipyard’s equipment. Firstly, it can rotate 360 degrees inside its own length. Secondly, it can move sideways. And thirdly, it raises and lowers itself and its load with incredible poise.

This enables The Yard Brisbane team to deliver smaller vessels into the project halls and igloos for refit. They can then remove and relocate them without requiring relocation of other vessels on its designated path.

The Operations team is led by Manager Mark Phelps, a former superyacht captain of 20 years. He said the new equipment has increased efficiency for the team.

“We can use sheds more easily because the SPMT is less restricted by height. It supports entry into our dedicated refit shed. This provides direct access to our interior fit-out workshop,” said Mark.

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